Jak zresetować interfejs IPMI?

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Jak zresetować interfejs IPMI?


  1. Use “IPMICFG –raw 0x30 0x41”  to reset to factory default
  2. Remove AC power cord for ~1 minute

IPMICFG can be downloaded from the FTP (includes DOS, Windows and Linux versions)





  1. Use “SMCIPMITool <IP> <username> <password> IPMI RAW 30 41”
  2. Remove AC power cord for ~1 minute


SMCIPMITool can be downloaded from the FTP (Includes Windows and Linux versions)


  • The login credentials will be ADMIN /ADMIN again. (or the default unique password for new systems (2020))
  • We highly recommend clearing the browser and JAVA caches to prevent issues coming back.
  • Be aware this reset will also reset networking settings to default (DHCP).

If this is a problem you can try using “IPMICFG –FD”, which doesn’t reset the networking, but may also not solve your problem.

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